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California Paint Protection is a Highly Specialized Vehicle Paint Protection firm located in the heart of Moorpark California. We offer computer plotted PPF kit installation, this means absolutely no cutting on you vehicle. We are Xpel Certified and Trained in Paint Protection installation.


10 Year Xpel Manufacture Warranty
10 Year Installation Warranty

Self Healing

Superficial scratches and swirl marks are a thing of the past.

Xpel Ultimate Fusion

Xpel Ultimate Fusion material has a Ceramic Coating built into the material

Top view of modern premium sports car

With a 10 Year Xpel PPF material warranty and a 10 Year Installation warranty, your vehicle can be protected from Rocks, Shopping Carts and Enviromental fallout. Xpel Ultimate Plus has a Self-Healing, Hydrophobic top coat that erases superficial scratches with the introduction of heat by the California Sun.

People Are Talking.

“Scott’s attention to detail is off the charts.
I’m pretty OCD with perfection and I had a hard time finding any imperfections.
He killed it on wrapping my car with the PPF.”

Trent Spangler

California Paint Protection Ceramic Coating is superior to all other coatings. We start with a Foam Bath Wash, A Clay Bar Treatment and finish off the prep work with a Single Stage Paint Correction. 3D Car Care 9H base coat is applied twice and topped off with CQuartz SiC coating which provides a silky, hydrophobic barrier . Each Coating is baked to perfection using out Infrared Heating lamps.

Car polish - Solary baking infrared paint curing lamp.

“He did a 3 stage paint enhancement/polish before the PPF/ceramic coating and it looks amazing!
No more water and swirl marks.”


New modern car in the car wash.

Each and every vehicle we touch receives a very through cleaning, paying close attention to the cracks and crevasses where dirt and debris hide. 

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California Paint Protection

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